Zebra® ZXP Series 8™ Retransfer Card Printer

With Zebra’s innovative ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer line and Windows certified Drivers and ZMotif SDK software, create vivid color and monochrome cards on-demand with picture-perfect image quality. This retransfer printer is ideal for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards, or for when the application calls for very high image quality or cards that are more durable and abrasion resistant.  Using an innovative retransfer print process, the Zebra ZXP Series 8 delivers superior print resolution at the fastest speeds in its class for high-quality photo ID cards with images and graphics that look more like glossy magazine prints than ordinary ID photos. The printer’s modular design provides flexibility to add a variety of encoding options as needed.  Single or dual sided lamination is also available.

Ideal for These Applications

  • ID and access control cards
  • Government-issued driver’s licenses
  • National ID and voter registration cards
  • Instant issuance of financial cards
  • Personalized gift, membership and loyalty cards
  • Smart cards in travel, gaming and entertainment

Zebra® ZXP Series 7™ Card Printer

Utilizing the latest in card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 card printer provides high-quality card printing. The printer delivers fast yet reliable performance while offering users exceptional value by lowering the printer’s total cost of ownership. Time after time, it prints sharp vivid cards with precise color control.
The ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy.

Ideal for These Applications

  • Employee and student ID cards
  • Employee access control cards
  • Gaming, loyalty/membership/gift cards, sports & entertainment
  • Government credentials, secure access control, financial services

Zebra® ZXP Series 3™ Card Printer

Reliable and easy to use, the ZXP Series 3 is everything you could want in a professional card printer. The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for low-to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality. ZXP Series 3 printers offer advanced features and high capacity media options.

Ideal for These Applications

  • Security: employee and student ID cards, access control cards
  • Retail/Hospitality: loyalty, gift and membership cards
  • Financial Services: instant issuance financial cards

Zebra® ZXP Series 1™ Card Printer

The ZXP Series 1 card printer provides high-quality card printing at an affordable price. Ideal for low-volume, single-sided printing applications.

Ideal for These Applications

  • Retail & Hospitality: Loyalty, gift and membership cards; hotel, cruise or other hospitality cards
  • Identification & Access: Employee ID cards, access control cards, visitor badges, business cards, ID cards for inventory or goods
  • Government & Education: Student ID cards, library cards, recreational facilities and member-use ID cards, certification cards

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